Trinity Chippenham is a place to come and find out more about the Christian faith. You do not need to be a believer to come. We certainly do not expect everyone who attends on a Sunday to be a a Christian. It is okay to just come to listen, find out more, ask questions and talk about doubts with any of our speakers and leaders on a Sunday or ask to meet during the week one-to-one to read the bible together or chat more. 

We also run regular face-to-face courses for anyone interested in finding out more about the Christian faith, whatever your background or beliefs, called 321. You would be more than welcome to join a group, or meet with someone one-to-one to look at the main ideas in the course together. There is no pressure to agree, it's simply an opportunity to hear what the Bible says about who God is, the world he's made, and what he thinks of us.  

For a brief introduction to what these courses are all about, have a look at the video below!

Please do get in touch to find out more at, or fill in our contact form

3, 2, 1: The Story of God, the World, and You