He is arguably the most influential human being in history. Born and raised in an obscure part of the Roman Empire two thousand years ago, his life has changed the course of history. He claimed to be more than just an ordinary man: he claimed to be the Son of God, to have come from heaven, to be the only one who can show us the truth about ourselves, this world, and his Father. And today more than 2 billion people count themselves as his followers.

Who is Jesus? And why do so many people follow him today? 

We'd love to help introduce you to the person who has transformed our lives, and who can transform yours too. 

Trinity Chippenham is a place where you can watch from up close or afar,  listen, ask questions, join in, and find out more about Jesus and Christianity at your own pace. We welcome anyone who would like to come along with family and friends even if you are not used to church and do not believe in God. We are always happy to explain our faith and the reasons we believe, and no question is too small or big to ask!

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