Our Mission
Our mission is to make disciples of Jesus Christ; that is, to introduce people to a close, personal relationship with Jesus and help them grow into the fullness of life lived in fellowship with the Trinity.

Our Vision
The goal we are striving towards as a church is for all to be transformed by the glorious love of the Trinity!

What do we mean by "the glorious love of the Trinity"?  Jesus shows us who God really is - Father, Son and Spirit united together in perfect love. This God is better and more glorious than we could ever imagine!

What does it mean to "be transformed"?  Humans were created to know and be in loving relationship with this God who is Trinity - it's in our DNA. When this happens, and someone becomes a true follower of Jesus, it has the power like nothing else to change our lives!

Who do we mean by "all"?  First, we want all in the TC church family to be transformed by knowing God's love for them and to reflect that love in the way we love him, each other, and those around us.  Second, we want all those the TC family have contact with (friends, neighbours, colleagues) to experience something of God through us, and to be transformed by coming to know him for themselves!

Our Values
We want everything we do as a church to be shaped by our values, centred on our love for God, love for each other, and love for our neighbours in response to how much God has loved us.

Here are the 11 values which express what we aim to be as a community...

Loving God:
  • Pursuing God in the Bible
  • Expressing the response of our hearts in prayer and worship
  • Reflecting his character in every area of our lives 
Loving One Another:
  • Investing time to build healthy relationships characterised by authenticity and grace
  • Building strong households (godly singleness, marriage, and parenting)
  • Carrying each other’s burdens
  • Equipping everyone to play their part in the church
  • Developing servant leaders in team-led ministry
Loving Our Neighbours:
  • Showing God’s compassionate care for the weak and broken
  • Creating attractive and safe environments for people to encounter Christ
  • Reaching beyond ourselves in local and global mission

Our Vision  imageOur Vision  image