Warm Welcome

One of our welcome team will greet you and show you where to go.


Some of our regulars may come over and introduce themselves and say hello.

Countdown to start

We will have a countdown timer on screen to let you know when we are about to start.

What is going to happen

Our host for the service will explain to everyone what is happening in the service.


Our band will play some songs and everyone is given the option to join in singing if they would like. The words will be displayed on the screen, and are also available at trinitychippenham.org/songs.

TC family interviews

We sometimes have a 3-5 minute slot where we get to know one of our church regulars. The leader will ask them some questions to help us get to know them better.

Main talk

One of our leaders will give a 30 -40 minute talk helping us learn about God, and teaching us from the Bible. This talk can be linked to a book or character in the Bible, or it could be on a certain topic e.g. prayer or forgiveness.


During and at the end of our service one of the leaders will pray from the front. These are quiet moments where the leader talks out loud to God. You can close your eyes if you are comfortable to, or you can sit and watch and listen.

Leaving church

There is no rush to leave after the service, people generally stay around for a while to chat while the children play. You're welcome to stay and get to know us, or head off if you need to.

What time does your church service start?

Our Sunday service begins at 4pm on a Sunday afternoon. It usually lasts about 1 hr 15 minutes with a mixture of songs, prayers, interviews, and a 30-40 min talk. 

How do you adhere to Covid -19 government guidelines in your face to face services?

We want to honour each other and the intention of our government to keep people safe. Currently there are no restrictions on social distancing, wearing of masks, or on singing during worship services. We still have antibacterial gel available upon entry and leaving the building, and encourage people not to attend if they are displaying any Covid symptoms. 

Do you have midweek groups?

Yes, our midweek Life Groups are a crucial part of our week. We take some time to chat, share how the week has gone and catch up. We then have a short Bible study led by the Life Group leaders, followed by time for prayer.

Please visit Our Weekly 3 page for more info and use the contact form to get in touch if you are interested in linking up with a life group. 

I'm not a Christian, can I come to church?

Yes, absolutely!

At Trinity one of our big aims is to be a friendly and easy place for people to come to who are not used to going to church, or who are not believers. We explain what is going to happen at the beginning of each service and our services are very relaxed. Typically we have free tea, coffee and snacks available before and after our service (subject to restrictions).

There is no pressure to sing or pray. You can just listen and join in with what you feel comfortable doing. We welcome those who have questions or even challenges about Christianity, and our leaders are always happy to talk more if you have questions. We regularly run 321 courses and offer 1:1 Bible study for anyone who might just like to find out a little more about Jesus and God. 

Do you have a Sunday School or Creche running during the service?

Yes!  We run TC Tots for ages 2-4 and TC Kids for ages 4-11 during our service. We have a short interval during the service for parents to settle their kids into their groups and give others the chance to chat and grab a cuppa. Please see TC Kids for more info.

If you'd like to join in with TC Kids please do use our contact form and we can give you the information you need. 

What denomination of church are you?

Trinity started out as a new independent evangelical church plant in Chippenham and is not a member of a specific denomination. We have good relationships with other local churches and strive to work in unity to serve our local community and share the gospel in Chippenham.

We are a member of the South West Gospel Partnership, a partnership of churches in the South West working together to train leaders, strengthen and plant churches, and advance gospel ministry in our region.