Peter Mead

Peter is one of our elders and works for Trinity part time. His role includes overseeing our preaching ministry and Sunday planning team. He also directs a ministry training programme called Cor Deo, as well as teaching Bible and preaching at Union School of Theology and leading a network at the European Leadership Forum.

Peter grew up in Bristol, and met and married Melanie in Portland, Oregon USA during his university placement year while working onboard a missionary ship. They lived in the USA for several years and started their family there while attending Bible school. They both felt that God was moving them into full-time Christian ministry and were expecting to end up in some distant land far from America or England. Instead, God brought them back to Peter’s native country!  After a few years in Surrey, they moved to Chippenham in 2010.  The whole family loves living in Chippenham, even though it seems like the six children are all growing and starting to leave home now!  Peter leads Cor Deo, a small ministry training programme, as well as teaching in other settings and sometimes writing little books.  Even though Trinity has been running for several years now, Peter and Melanie are still excited to be part of this church!