Tim Jones

Tim is one of our elders and works full time in IT project management. His role includes overseeing the trustees of Trinity and the church finances.

Tim and Becky have lived in the Chippenham area since 1986. Tim is originally from Sunderland and grew up with two sisters in the Manse (his Dad was a church minister). He worked in the construction industry for 20 years before a career change into the IT Services sector in 1997. Tim loves the challenge of a chainsaw and a tree, a DIY project, or his opposition on the squash court. Becky is a palliative care nurse employed by our local hospice. She loves her home and having people round. Tim and Becky have three of their own children, Bronte, Elliot, and Olivia, all now living away from home, and they also have a foster son now living with them.  They have been involved in Trinity Chippenham since the very beginning and are excited about what this church stands for. “We love being part of a family that has hope for eternity because of our good God, and we want to live for him every day we get in this life.”