Warm Welcome

One of our welcome team will greet you and show you where to go.


Some of our regulars may come over and introduce themselves and say hello.

Countdown to start

We will have a countdown timer on screen to let you know when we are about to start.

What is going to happen

Our host for the service will explain to everyone what is happening in the service.


Our band will play some songs and everyone is given the option to join in singing if they would like. The words will be displayed on the screen, and are also available at trinitychippenham.org/songs.

TC family interviews

We sometimes have a 3-5 minute slot where we get to know one of our church regulars. The leader will ask them some questions to help us get to know them better.

Main talk

One of our leaders will give a 30 -40 minute talk helping us learn about God, and teaching us from the Bible. This talk can be linked to a book or character in the Bible, or it could be on a certain topic e.g. prayer or forgiveness.


During and at the end of our service one of the leaders will pray from the front. These are quiet moments where the leader talks out loud to God. You can close your eyes if you are comfortable to, or you can sit and watch and listen.

Leaving church

There is no rush to leave after the service, people generally stay around for a while to chat while the children play. You're welcome to stay and get to know us, or head off if you need to.