Warm Welcome

One of our welcome team will greet you and show you where to go.

Main Hall

After you arrive you will be shown into the main hall. This is where we spend most of the time on a Sunday service. You can sit anywhere you feel comfortable. The music is loudest at the front. Children join us for the first part of the service.

Cup of Tea or Coffee

Tea, coffee and cold drinks are available at the start of the service as you arrive. These are free and you can drink it during the service if you like.


Some of our regulars may come over and introduce themselves and say hello.

Sensory supports

We have a box of sensory/fidget toys available. These are located on the table on the righthand side as you come through the glass doors into the main hall. Please take one for yourself or your child to use during the service if this will be helpful for you. Please return these at the end of the service.

Bibles and outlines of the main talk

Bibles are available to borrow during the service. We also have clipboards with a larger print outline in English of the main talk for those who like to have a visual outline to follow as they listen. There are also notes taking sheets and pens available too. These are laid out on the table on the right hand side as you enter the main hall.

Countdown to start

We will have a countdown timer on screen to let you know when we are about to start.

What is going to happen

Our host for the service will explain to everyone what is happening in the service.


Our band will play some songs and everyone is given the option to join in singing if they would like. The words will be displayed on the screen at the front in English. The song words are also available on our website for those who prefer to have that on their smartphone in-front of them for a larger print.

TC news and updates

We usually have a 3-5 minute slot in the first part of the service where we do announcements of events, interviews with regular church attenders or news/ministry updates. These are pre-arranged planned in advanced. At the end of this slot the service host may pray.


After the News and announcements and first set of songs we have a 5 min break where you can get another drink if you would like one. This is the time that the children can be taken out to the classrooms and signed in to the kids clubs. There is also play space for under 2's in the first classroom with a video link to the main service if you prefer to have a relaxed space to your little one to wriggle and play as you watch the service.

Main talk

One of our leaders will give a 30 -40 minute talk helping us learn about God, and teaching us from the Bible. This talk can be linked to a book or character in the Bible, or it could be on a certain topic e.g. prayer or forgiveness.


During and at the end of our service one of the leaders will pray from the front. These are quiet moments where the leader talks out loud to God. You can close your eyes if you are comfortable to, or you can sit and watch and listen.

5-minute reflection time

At the end of the service the service leader will announce that we have 5 minutes to sit quietly and reflect on what we have heard. There will be some questions on the screen. You can talk about these with the person you came with or simply sit and think through them by yourself. There will be music playing quietly in the background. You can also chat quietly with the person you came with or pray by yourself or with others. Whatever feels comfortable to you.

Tea, coffee and cake.

There is no rush to leave after the service, people generally stay around for a while to chat while the children play. You're welcome to stay and get to know us, or head off if you need to.

Kids tea

At the end of the service parents or adults who brought children to church are asked to sign their children out of the kids clubs. Children can come back into the main hall for refreshments. Every week there is have a snack tea available for all under 5's and primary aged children to help themselves too. This is usually sandwich or savoury snacks, crisps, fruit and a biscuit/sweet treat.